Reading groups

We invite all participants who are interested in discussing these texts in a friendly, online reading group to register!

Reading Groups will be held online via zoom, and you will be sent the link and reading upon registration.

You should complete the reading beforehand, and may bring questions for discussion if you wish. These sessions will be an informal space to collaboratively engage with the texts, and academics/ students/ activists/ public are all welcome to join us!

Reading group #1

22th February 2021, 5 pm GMT

De la Cadena, M. (2010). Indigenous cosmopolitics in the Andes: Conceptual reflections beyond “politics”. Cultural anthropology, 25(2), 334-370.

Reading group #2

29th March 2021, 3 pm GMT

Escobar, A. (2020). Sentipensar with the Earth: Territorial struggles and the ontological dimension of the Epistemologies of the South, in Pluriversal politics: the real and the possible. Duke University Press.

Reading group #3

26th April 2021, 3 pm GMT

Li, F. (2013). Relating divergent worlds: Mines, aquifers and sacred mountains in Peru. Anthropologica, 399-411.


To participate, please register on

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